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  • Leader in the production of ceramic toners and digital printing systems for photoceramics

  • Ceramic toners, Digital printing systems on ceramic

    BALTEA D.C. supplies all the necessary equipment to print high-quality decals: indelible in time, assorted chromatic range, variety of applications (ceramic, glass, enamelled sheet).

BALTEA D.C., world leader in the production of ceramic toners, it offers all the necessary equipment for photoceramics, customised assistance, installation service and technical assistance.
The innovative digital printing system represents a very competitive and profitable alternative compared to traditional printing methods. A simple and reliable technology that does not require specialised staff.

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"We exalt" your images

BALTEA D.C. will exalt your digital images on any support in ceramic, glass or enamelled sheet.

The result obtained with BALTEA D.C. digital printing process is an indelible product that can be used in various sectors: funeral art (plates in porcelain and enamelled sheet), cutlery (decoration of dishes, mugs, etc.), exterior and interior decorations (bathroom, kitchen, fireplaces, swimming pools, etc.), other ceramic objects.

5-colour print on ceramic

Flux applied by the machine during the moulding phase for cutlery, decorations of dishes and mugs, and exterior and interior decorations (bathroom, kitchen, fireplaces, swimming pools).

5-colour print on glass

White background applied directly by the printer! The NEW BALTEA DC TONERS are also ideal for printing on glass. Whether a metal sheet or home accessories, our toners always ensure bright and indelible colours.

5-colour print on enamelled sheet

Multiple applications are also available on aluminium, from accessories to funeral art (plates in porcelain and enamelled sheets).

BALTEA D.C. supplies all high-quality consumable materials and other accessories required for the photoceramic process: ceramic toners, paper, lacquer, ovens, frames, etc.